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placenta encapsulation now available

Encapsulation is a gentle way to honour your baby's placenta for its life sustaining presence during your pregnancy.

About Tessa
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Allow me, an experienced homebirth midwife and self-professed "placenta nerd" to lovingly process this true tree of life.

Placenta, or the afterbirth, is not given the reverence it deserves in our culture. I am in awe of every single placenta I am privileged to witness and it is my great joy to extend its inherent nourishment to a new mother.

Holistic Homebirth's placenta encapsulation package includes the following:

  • Pick up of placenta from place of birth

  • Insulated, cold transport to my home

  • Umbilical cord keepsake

  • Processing of placenta

  • Drop off of capsule package to your home (or other dedicated address)

  • The comfort of knowing a dedicated, gentle midwife is handling the placenta with respect and care.

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Although there is not a huge range of scientific study that has been dedicated to consuming placental capsules, many women anecdotally report an improved mood, increased iron levels and a copious breastmilk supply. There is some evidence to suggest that the hormones the placenta produces during pregnancy remain once the placenta has been encapsulated.

Some women like to stay connected to the placenta as they navigate the fourth trimester and shed a new identity to emerge as a mother.

You can read more about the emerging evidence regarding placenta encapsulation by clicking below.

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Offering placenta encapsulation to women in Melbourne

Sunbury - Diggers Rest - Kyneton - Sunshine - St Albans - Keilor - Essendon - Ascot Vale - Gisborne - Flemington - Taylors Lakes - and surrounding suburbs

Tenets of Care


PHYSIOLOGY FIRST. EXPLORATION. independence. intimacy. wellness. CONNECTION.

I recognise that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are a rite of passage, underpinned by the knowledge that these are normal physiological events for the female body.
I know that your body has the innate ability to nurture your pregnancy and bring new life into the world in a way that is safe and nourishing.

I believe it is my role as your midwife to support you and your unique physical and hormonal matrix to perform in the way it knows how.

I value my deep understanding of the physiology experienced by pregnant, labouring and postnatal women and consider it an honour to demystify the experience, so that you are able to fully surrender to the process.

I consider the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life to each contribute to your sense of health and wellbeing and value your intuitive knowledge in these realms.

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Together, we delve into your ideas about pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 

I encourage a deep engagement with credible sources of information 

We have the time and the space to do this - together.

We lean into what feels good, and turn away from what doesn’t. I am interested in, and value, your life experiences. I share with you my wisdom, but also recognise my limitations. We get to know each other and gently unpack habits that may not be serving you. I build a relationship with you, your baby and your loved ones so that I am in the best place possible to be aware of any changes or developments that are important for your birth journey. This paves the way for you to take radical responsibility for your wellbeing.
This truly is a different paradigm to what is available in the industrial birth system and I am so honoured to hold this container for your exploration.

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It’s not a secret that “what gets a baby in, gets the baby out”. 

I hold that birth is a sacred, intimate event and we work towards developing your confidence around this statement.

Birth is transcendent across all plains of intimacy - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. Together, we develop a deep trust in these vectors of intimacy and examine how enhancing intimacy in the childbearing period prepares you for parenthood. We delve into your communication styles, your relationship to intimacy and expand on your personal strengths, so that the inevitable period of vulnerability actually feels like a superpower.

I am not affiliated with any hospital nor organisation - nor will I ever be.
My first loyalty is to you - the birthing woman- because I know that each journey is unique and ungovernable by “one-size-fits-all” policies and procedures.

I understand that you yourself come to this experience imbued with your own personal views and values, and know that it is in your best interests to honour those.

I am free to provide you with a range of evidence-based resources
This independence allows me to challenge assumptions and truly work holistically. We can allow pregnancy and birth to unfold as it pleases - we can linger in that liminality.
If a situation arises that I recommend the input of another practitioner, please know I carefully select these providers. I ensure that they also recognise the sovereignty of individual choice and trust in a woman’s innate wisdom.

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how tessa works

Tessa works with an exclusive number of homebirthing families each season.

She is committed to not only providing full spectrum midwifery care, but maintaining her own sense of wellbeing to be completely present for her clients over their childbearing journey. By investing fully in a small number of clients, your needs and preferences are continually at the forefront of Tessa's practice.

Tessa is adept at somatic debriefing from previous birth experiences, and strongly believes in honouring womens' rites of passage. She will guide you to connect with your baby during pregnancy and to develop confidence in your decision making processes.

Working with Tessa as your homebirth midwife necessitates regular antenatal visits and developing a vision for birth and motherhood that makes you feel powerful. Tessa reveres the early postnatal period and has undertaken further training in breastfeeding (The Thompson Method and the Possums Method) to support the mother-baby dyad.

As Tessa creates a sustainable caseload, she continues to be up to date on the current obstetric and midwifery literature and enjoys professional development. A recent favourite has been updating her skills in vaginal breech birth.

Tessa engages a small number of trusted midwives to act as a "second' midwife at homebirths, who you will meet in your pregnancy. 

Once booked with Tessa, she remains on-call for you for the duration of your pregnancy and up to 7 weeks postnatally. This sensitive service is often reassuring to new families.

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